A Professor’s Story: Why I Changed My University Job to a CEO of an Essay Writing Service


I knew I wanted to become a teacher once I entered high school. I enjoyed the feeling of learning and my own teachers inspired me. I thought it would be great to teach future students and help them have the amazing academic experience.

I went to college and took English and Literature courses. The next step was earning a master’s degree and then pursuing my doctorate degree. I was eager to become a mentor to my students and share ideas with my colleagues, so the time spent on researching and writing a dissertation flew by unnoticed.

However, the things didn’t turn out exactly as I imagined. I expected to teach students who wanted to learn. Instead, I had to deal with the ones who didn’t care. Nothing took the wind out of my sails faster than seeing a person who used the class time to chat with friends or read Facebook posts.

I did my best to help and support students who were on a verge of dropping out or just came from troubled backgrounds. But they didn’t see the value in education. I understood that the hardest part of teaching is knowing that a student with potential just won’t use it.

Another thing that bothered me was not always getting the support I needed from the administration. At some point, I just became frustrated with their actions and wondered why they behaved that way.

However, one of the main reasons why I started to consider other positions was lack of stability. Competition for jobs is strong and professors may be a subject to job loss due to the government budget deficits. Moreover, we are always under pressure of research and published works.

Every year brought new difficulties and I understood that it was the time to change my job. It was important for me to help students who were eager to learn, so I started to work as a tutor at essay writing service.

I helped international students with their college and university assignments. I had a great experience at academia and was glad to share my skills and knowledge. Foreign students seek help and support while studying abroad and I was happy to provide them with so much-needed assistance.

The tutor’s position gave me much more than a professor’s job: students’ gratitude, flexible working hours, stable work and support from the administration. In addition, it was well-paid and I had an opportunity to receive great bonuses for good work.
After working as a tutor for 2 years, I have been offered a promotion to a CEO position. My skills and academic expertise were really valuable. And I actually got that job.

Surely, I had to devote some time to the development of my leadership skills and improvement of the time-management abilities. But it wasn’t difficult as the company provided various trainings, workshops and professional events.

My friends often ask me why I changed my university job to a CEO of an essay writing service. I tell them that this kind of job allows me to be confident in my future, earn good money, and share my experience with people who do need help with their studies.

For many students, the service like Do My Essay Today is the only reliable source of support throughout the school years. And it makes me happy to know that I’m a part of it.

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