Is Using Online Writing Services Completely Ethical and Legal in the USA?

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There is plenty of debate surrounding the question whether it is legal and ethical to use online writing services. Students who are under pressure and feel overwhelmed with the academic assignments seek help online as the only way out of a tough situation.

However, many schools and colleges claim that buying papers online is similar to plagiarism. We’ve made an investigation into this topic to find out if getting help from online services is legal in the US.

Annually, more than 20,000 students get help from writing services in the US. The most popular types of papers they order are essays, research papers, reports and reviews. Topics also vary greatly, from English, History and Business to Psychology and Engineering.

Having a professional writer to complete complex assignments gives many students an advantage over those who decide to write papers on their own.

Today buying papers online is absolutely legal. Writing services don’t violate the law and there are no regulations that restrict getting help with the assigned homework. All papers provided by a writing service are 100% original.

This means that they are written from scratch and may pass any plagiarism detection system.

Students receive unique assignments prepared due to their personal instructions and suggestions. These works are often used as the models of well-written papers to see how particular assignments should be structured, referenced, etc. Students may use them for inspiration or finding useful sources.

Therefore, buying papers remains legal and ethical.

Moreover, students who use writing services are more productive and usually can do more useful things during the day than those who don’t seek help online. Just check out the data below.

How Average Full-Time College Students Spend Their Days - diagram

How Average Full-Time College Students Spend Their Days

  • Sleeping 8.8 hours
  • Educational activities 5 hours
  • Leisure and sports 3.5 hours
  • Work and work-related activities 2.5 hours
  • Eating and drinking 2 hours
  • Other 2.2 hours

Total = 24.0 hours

Note: data include individuals who don’t use essay writing services

An average college student who doesn’t use writing services spends more time sleeping and engaging in educational activities. They typically spend 3.5 hours on leisure and sports and have about 2 hours on other activities, including phone calls, shopping, personal care, and volunteering activities.

At the same time, students agree that spending 5 hours on various educational activities is too much. This raises the question of whether the schools have the adequate homework load. Long study sessions are really tiresome and stressful. They may cause the study burnout and emotional exhaustion.

How Students Who Use Writing Services Spend Their Time - diagram

How Students Who Use Writing Services Spend Their Time

  • Sleeping 8.0 hours
  • Educational activities 3.0 hours
  • Leisure and sports 4.5 hours
  • Work 3.5 hours
  • Eating and drinking 2.5 hours
  • Other 2.5 hours

Total = 24.0 hours

As you see, students who get help with their homework from online writing services are more productive and energetic. They spend less time sleeping and studying, though, devote more time to sports, socializing and relaxing.

Moreover, students who use essay writing companies notice a positive impact on time management and grades. More than 4 of 5 students agree that writing services can improve their education (85%), save time (90%) and boost grades (89%).

Today many students believe that online assistance is their way to success. Writing companies ensure complete confidentiality and are absolutely legal to use. They don’t disclose your personal information to the third parties and never share the details of orders with anyone.

When you get help with your homework, you receive 100% privacy and some ultimate guarantees. For instance, DoMyEssayToday writing service ensures plagiarism-free papers, timely delivery, confidentiality and solid money back guarantee. Therefore, students have nothing to worry about.

They can turn for help whenever they need and receive professional assistance with their papers. Experienced writers and tutors are ready to provide outstanding samples on practically any topic and help with various assignments and presentations.

Students have an opportunity to receive a personalized guidance and support, so the question of plagiarism and ethics is not actual anymore.

The use of writing services can alleviate some of the biggest stress points affecting today’s students. Maintaining life balance and achieving good academic results are no more the toughest challenges they face.

Reliable support is available night and day allowing students to create a better experience in higher education.

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